Our API is built to track and analyze where your listings go online and make that data available to you through analytics. We feel that for the real estate industry to be comfortable sharing market data with developers then the process needs to be completely transparent and deliver value back to the agent and their customers in the form of analytics that help them to make informed decision about how to market their listing online.


Our platform was designed with industry standards in mind. We use oAuth which is the same protocol that tech leaders such as Google and Facebook use to authenticate you and extend permission to developers on your behalf. This permission system can be tied into any software and acts as way for users to authenticate to third parties. It also acts as an identity system meaning that you can take your data and preferences with you from app to app.


Everyone knows that when it comes to real estate it's all about location, location, location. That's why we have spent a huge amount of time ensuring that all data that touches our platform is geo-indexed for optimal location based search. On our platform not only can you search for listings in a geographical region, you can provide polygonal parameters or even dynamically generate an IDX that is custom configured for a users region based on a users IP address. It's really that easy.


When your client is looking for their dream home every minute matters. Our platform is as real time as it gets. Within seconds of any change inside an MLS or brokerage, our system deploys the changes automatically to our network of apps using a push architecture that completely changes traditional concepts such as 'property drip'. With Retsly, it's less of a drip and more like a firehose.


We include comprehensive dashboards that allow Realtors, Brokerages, MLSs and Developers to monitor and dissect search traffic in more ways then you can imagine. We provide tools that will not only create transparency for where your listings are going inside our network but we also find out where else on the internet your data is showing up and alert you to new occurrences so you can ensure that your listings are being used in a compliant manner that exceeds industry display standards.