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At Retsly we know how hard it can be to build data-driven real estate products. We started Retsly because we experienced this first hand. We purpose built our platform from the ground up to solve the problems that businesses experience when trying to scale their products into new markets.

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MLS listing data

Retsly partners with MLSs across the US and Canada to enable simplified access to property listing data. Access to this data is at the discretion of each MLS, so you'll need to get their approval to have it available through the API. We'll guide you through this process on your dashboard.

  "success": true,
  "status": 200,
  "bundle": [
      "taxAssessedValue": 552238,
      "zoningDescription": "Agricultural",
      "taxAnnual": 810239,
      "county": "San Diego Co.",
      "type": "Residential",
      "telephoneService": [
      "taxStatus": [
      "livingArea": 5062,
      "newConstruction": null,
      "taxYear": 2015,
      "price": 918430,
      "zoning": "C-2",
      "garageSpaces": 3,
      "id": "e5b707b006576ded3d013a147bb78c35",
      "state": "CA",
      "cancelationDate": null,
      "dateListed": "2016-04-13T12:48:30.189Z",
      "streetNumber": null,
      "pool": null,
      "bedrooms": 1,
      "foundationDetails": [
      "associationFee": 160,
      "otherStructures": null,
      "roomsTotal": 8,
      "waterfront": true,
      "cooling": [
        "Evaporative Cooler"
      "roadSurface": [
      "publicRemarks": "Provident perspiciatis praesentium eum facilis numquam.\n \r\tUt id deserunt ex sunt impedit.\n \r\tCommodi amet aut quia cum soluta. Reprehenderit nisi neque harum earum odit. Facere rerum omnis non voluptas error aut.\n \r\tProvident et ut occaecati aperiam sit similique ea. Illo laboriosam voluptatem. Ut quo eaque magnam.",
      "status": "Active",
      "listDate": "2016-04-13T12:48:30.190Z",
      "exteriorFeatures": [
        "Fenced Yard",
      "city": "San Diego",
      "appliances": [
      "association": null,
      "constructionMaterials": [
      "squareFootage": 1090,
      "sewer": [
        "Yes Connected"
      "laundry": [
        "In Kitchen"
      "poolFeatures": null,
      "carport": null,
      "address": "#884 Ramp , San Diego CA",
      "waterSource": [
        "Irrigation District",
        "Private Utility"
      "coordinates": [
      "mlsListingID": "P_570e401eff1db69a617dd99e",
      "privateRemarks": "Quia quia error reprehenderit natus aut fuga. Illo aut sunt.\n \r\tLaborum autem eos enim sequi officia at. Aut et illum ut ab vel aut vero illo. A eius totam et maxime minima sit.\n \r\tQuis blanditiis dolor et.\n \r\tVoluptas est eos accusamus perspiciatis.",
      "contingentDate": null,
      "baths": 4,
      "halfBaths": 4,
      "lotFeatures": null,
      "ownership": "Partnership",
      "dateSold": null,
      "originalEntryTimestamp": "2016-04-13T12:48:29.704Z",
      "closePrice": null,
      "disclosures": null,
      "fireplaceFeatures": [
      "country": "US",
      "zipCode": "92110",
      "agent": "0c55c42be0ac69155da622715cf09991",
      "possession": [
      "unitNumber": "#884",
      "patioAndPorchFeatures": null,
      "office": "e8c6b76c778c8f6e61e81c43d6911257",
      "yearBuilt": 1970,
      "yearBuiltDetails": "Eligendi possimus similique sit et soluta. Dolor et aut debitis sed odit qui officia.",
      "view": [
      "statusChange": null,
      "associationName": null,
      "heating": [
        "Forced Air",
        "Heat Pump",
      "homeWarranty": null,
      "frontageLength": null,
      "fireplaces": 1,
      "daysOnMarket": 3,
      "storiesTotal": 3,
      "communityFeatures": null,
      "additionalParcels": true,
      "unitsInBuilding": 1,
      "occupantType": "Owner",
      "lastModified": "2016-04-16T21:34:00.149Z",
      "acres": 1,
      "purchaseContractDate": null,
      "basement": null,
      "offMarketDate": null,
      "flooring": [
      "petsAllowed": null,
      "originalPrice": 171808,
      "mlsAgentID": "M_56f196abdce6622a698fc3ff",
      "withdrawnDate": null,
      "media": [
          "index": 1,
          "id": "1403cd0ca733bb45917cdfd9a80d0c71",
          "shortDescription": "Cunabula auris versus.",
          "mimeType": "image/jpeg",
          "mlsMediaID": "ME_5712afc9bba8e9aa055e9b78_1",
          "url": "https://cdn.rets.ly/test_sd/ME_5712afc9bba8e9aa055e9b78/1.jpg"
          "index": 2,
          "id": "43ec8432a091ba9d56ddde795810f28b",
          "shortDescription": "Illo adsum bellicus.",
          "mimeType": "image/jpeg",
          "mlsMediaID": "ME_5712afc9bba8e9aa055e9b79_2",
          "url": "https://cdn.rets.ly/test_sd/ME_5712afc9bba8e9aa055e9b79/2.jpg"
          "index": 3,
          "id": "73d720b33c7b319b532049b881f06fdd",
          "shortDescription": "Acquiro cupiditas depono.",
          "mimeType": "image/jpeg",
          "mlsMediaID": "ME_5712afc9bba8e9aa055e9b7a_3",
          "url": "https://cdn.rets.ly/test_sd/ME_5712afc9bba8e9aa055e9b7a/3.jpg"
          "index": 4,
          "id": "6f54bbf3234055a90772c0120edd911c",
          "shortDescription": "Umquam odit cum.",
          "mimeType": "image/jpeg",
          "mlsMediaID": "ME_5712afc9bba8e9aa055e9b7b_4",
          "url": "https://cdn.rets.ly/test_sd/ME_5712afc9bba8e9aa055e9b7b/4.jpg"
      "poolPrivate": null,
      "architecturalStyle": null,
      "subdivision": null,
      "termsOfSale": null,
      "belowGradeFinishedArea": 7823,
      "carportSpaces": 3,
      "streetName": "Ramp",
      "buyerFinancing": null,
      "subtype": "Single Family Residence",
      "aboveGradeFinishedArea": 7036,
      "attachedGarage": null,
      "previousPrice": 568733,
      "gas": [
        "Natural Gas"
      "expirationDate": null,
      "roof": [
      "stories": 1,
      "associationFeeFrequency": null,
      "contractStatusChangeDate": null,
      "accessibilityFeatures": [
      "parcelNumber": null,
      "openParking": true,
      "financialDataSource": null,
      "contingency": "Vero temporibus beatae facilis praesentium ea ut aut. Error totam nesciunt recusandae autem quia deserunt iure voluptas.",
      "mlsOfficeID": "O_56f13d01929daf221c9a0deb",
      "url": "https://rets.io/api/v1/test_sd/listings/e5b707b006576ded3d013a147bb78c35"
  "total": 155034

Public records data

Developers are also able to access a massive database of over 620 million mortgage, transfer and assessment records from over 3200 counties across the U.S. This public information, normally cowering behind tangled datasets and red tape, is now easily accessible and searchable with the Retsly API.

  "success": true,
  "status": 200,
  "bundle": [
      "id": "165932519",
      "fips": "17031",
      "county": "COOK",
      "state": "IL",
      "recordType": "Primary Record",
      "recordingDate": "2004-02-03T00:00:00.000Z",
      "recordingBookNumber": "4354789",
      "recordingPageNumber": "3342",
      "documentTypeCode": "WRDE",
      "documentType": "Warranty Deed",
      "documentDate": "2004-01-05T00:00:00.000Z",
      "signatureDate": "2004-01-05T00:00:00.000Z",
      "effectiveDate": "2004-01-05T00:00:00.000Z",
      "buyerVesting": "JT",
      "buyerMultiVesting": " ",
      "partialInterestTransfer": null,
      "partialInterestTransferPercent": null,
      "salesPrice": 650000,
      "cityTransferTax": 487500,
      "countyTransferTax": 32500,
      "stateTransferTax": null,
      "totalTransferTax": 65000,
      "intraFamilyTransfer": null,
      "transferTaxExempt": null,
      "borrowerVesting": " ",
      "lenderName": "ABN AMRO MORTGAGE GROUP INC",
      "lenderType": "Mortgage company",
      "loanAmount": 500000,
      "loanAmountDescription": null,
      "maxLoanAmount": 1000000,
      "loanTypeCode": null,
      "loanClosedOrOpenEndedCode": Closed,
      "loanRateTypeCode": null,
      "loanDueDate": "2019-02-01T00:00:00.000Z",
      "loanTermMonths": 24,
      "loanTermYears": 2,
      "initialInterestRate": 0.1,
      "buyerName": [
        "STEVEN AUSTIN",
      "sellerName": [
        "THOMAS P TRAN",
        "JENNY TRAN"
      "parcels": [
          "apn": "16-12-202-017-1006",
          "fips": "17031",
          "full": "400 E FLOWER ST",
          "house": "400",
          "houseExt": "",
          "streetPre": "E",
          "street": "FLOWER",
          "streetSuffix": "",
          "streetPost": " ",
          "unitType": "APT",
          "unit": "4621",
          "city": "CHICAGO",
          "state": "IL",
          "zip": "60211",
          "zip4": "1223",
          "coordinates": [
      "url": "https://rets.io/api/v1/pub/transactions/16590119"
  "total": 382981434

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